What I’m listening to

There are some great audio resources on the interwebs and I just wanted you to know about some of them and how you can find them.

In 1962 Karl Barth delivered the Warfield Lectures at Princeton seminary. These lectures were later published as one of Barth’s most popular books Evangelical Theology: an Introduction. I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about Karl Barth’s theology, over any book about Barth. Anyway, back to the audio. The Postbarthian provides links to the first few lectures,which are free to listen to, on this page. The rest of the lectures are available for purchase on a CD. I don’t recall how to buy the CD. I’d probably ask The Center for Barth Studies.

Speaking of the Warfield Lectures at Princeton, in 1979 it was Jürgen Moltmann’s turn. Moltmann spoke on the doctrine of the trinity, and his lectures form the heart of his book The Trinity and the Kingdom. I have the book in English and German, and while I have the lectures on constant rotation on the car audio system, I’m brushing up on my theological German at home. The Moltmanniac provides links to the lectures on this page.

I’ve also recently become a great fan of the Paulcast,curated by Kurt Willems. This podcast examines the life and thought of the apostle Paul in his own historical context. Kurt is deeply influenced by NT Wright, but in a thoughtful and critical way.

And I love Brian Zahnd’s sermons. They are available here. Don’t miss his series “Finding God on the iPod”.


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