Interview with Dr Travis McMaken

Here's a blast from the past: my intervew with Dr Travis McMaken from October, 2014 Richard:¬†Good evening, Dr McMaken, and welcome to Karl Barth for Dummies. Travis: Glad to be here! You can call me Travis - takes less typing. ūüôā Richard:¬†¬†Thanks, Travis. Tell us a bit about yourself, your family, your current home and … Continue reading Interview with Dr Travis McMaken


Babylon Bee – a Force for Good not Evil

Amid rising controversy, one church leader has come out in support of the Christian satirical blog "The Babylon Bee." (For the Babylon Bee¬†click here.)¬†The "Bee", as it is affectionately known, is often criticized for picking on soft targets, creating strawmen, and displaying a conservative Evangelical bias. Seeker-sensitive pastor, Shepherd Joe Burns, for example, complained recently: … Continue reading Babylon Bee – a Force for Good not Evil

Pannenberg on Barth

The following two paragraphs are quoted from an article Wolfhart Pannenberg wrote in¬†Christian Century, March 11, 1981, pp. 260-263. In the article Pannenberg outlines his spiritual and theological journey in life, from a non-Christian home to the theological academy. Pannenberg makes a number of interesting observations and reveals some personal insights. In these two paragraphs, … Continue reading Pannenberg on Barth