Karl Barth v Leela Chess Zero

For another chess AI inspired blog see DeepMind's AlphaZero masters Barth in just four hours. In this blog, renowned Swiss theologian Karl Barth (playing white) takes on AI chess engine Leela Chess Zero (playing black). 1.  e4 ... taking command of the center since Jesus Christ is the center of all theology. 1. ...  c5 Sicilian defence, … Continue reading Karl Barth v Leela Chess Zero


Barth’s Doctrine of Grace

Here in one place is a series of articles I wrote on Barth's doctrine of election. Barth's Doctrine of Grace (Part 1) We begin a series of articles on Barth's doctrine of grace. Barth articulates his view in chapter 7 of his Church Dogmatics (found in the second part volume of the second volume) titled … Continue reading Barth’s Doctrine of Grace