Rev Michael Curry’s Sermon at the Royal Wedding

fire-of-loveRev Michael Curry’s recent sermon at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding last Saturday has caused controversy in my home country of Australia. Comments have ranged from “Amazing!” through “American Showbiz” all the way to “Inappropriately Grandstanding Meghan’s Special Day”. Now I have no loyalty to or against the presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church. I’m not American, black or Anglican. But I am highly opinionated, so I share this brief review.

If it was not exegetical, the sermon was deeply Scriptural, not only quoting from the Song of Solomon and Jesus’ summary of the law in the commandments of love, but also alluding to the real heart of the Bible’s message of love in 1 John 4.

People complain about his “passion”, upstaging the bride. I reckon he was preaching on 25% power and the passion he displayed was appropriate to the message and the occasion. If the Word of God cannot be proclaimed with passion, we might as well stay at home.

My only real criticism is about the extended metaphor of fire, inspired by Teilhard de Chardin. I think I know what the primate meant, but felt that I learned more about fire than I did about love. I am sometimes guilty of the same. After a sermon, people complain they learn more about sport than they do about Christ. It’s a fair criticism, because the illustrations we use must serve the message, not the message serve the illustration. We must preach Christ, not our hobbies.

The best thing about the sermon was that he preached the gospel and its transforming potential for the whole world. As I listened, I caught myself imagining a world ruled by love and I wanted to recommit myself to loving God and loving others. And that desire was centered on how God had shown his love first for me in Christ and in the cross. Of course, the second best thing about the sermon was that millions of people across the world made themselves listen to it. May God’s Spirit apply God’s Word to their hearts to effect lasting and real change for the good of all.

You will find a link to the sermon on our Facebook page. You could, of course, just google the sermon, but that would distract you from visiting our Facebook page.


One thought on “Rev Michael Curry’s Sermon at the Royal Wedding

  1. Interesting observing on the extent / time spent on fire.

    I think one of the things to factor in might have been the diversity of audience he had to speak to—the world. Literally.

    The fact that the message got through to so many people or got them talking about the message means he did well.

    I can’t remember the message from the last royal wedding 😅

    Besides the content i’ll remember that message for a long time for two things:

    1. It spoke to my heart in a relatable way
    2. The the delivery and / passion was captivating


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