Chapter 1 – One Bite at a Time

I’m really excited to introduce a series of blogs from Dr Marty Folsom, author of Face to Face. Marty has written a guide for understanding Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics from the big picture and once all the chapters have been written, to publish them as a book. Chapter 1 starts with the biggest picture of all – to capture the whole Dogmatics in one word.



Yes, all of Chapter 1 here is one word. That is the Big picture in a single, infinitely rich word.


“Jesus” is the whole of the Church Dogmatics in one word or Word as we shall come to see.


Even in this one word we see:

Focus on the personal – a name.
Focus on the particular – One specific Person’s name.
Focus on intent – The name means “God saves”.
Focus on the God-Human story – God initiates and completes reconciliation in the story of saving.
Focus on relationship – God chooses to relate to humanity in a restorative relation.
Focus on history – Jesus is the Greek translation of a Hebrew name “Yeshua” the story of God’s history with Israel.
Focus on the “theo-anthropic” being of God – That means unity of God and human. This One person is both the God who saves and the Human in whom saving is completed for all humanity.

So the Church Dogmatics from Outer Space = “Jesus”.

I did not choose:

“God” – a generic category that people fill in, to fit their own liking; or “Salvation” – a focus on the benefit of humanity because of God which starts in the wrong place.

by Dr Marty Folsom


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