Chapter Two – One Bite at a Time

We are currently posting excerpts from Dr Marty Folsom’s upcoming book – Learning to Read the Church Dogmatics of Karl Barth – One bite at a time. Today we take in the view from Earth’s orbit.



The point of this chapter is to capture the Church Dogmatics in a phrase:


“Jesus Christ, the Lordly Servant, God for and with Humanity”


In this one phrase, that is the whole of chapter 2, we see:

The eternal embracing, the historical sweep of the story of God and humanity within God’s good creation.

The fulfillment of the messianic story of the Servant who comes to rewrite the story.

The humiliation that is the choice (election) of God to restore all humanity from loss into eternal encounter and embrace.

The dual role of Jesus in all discussion. He is the paradox filling all meaning, both human and divine, in our theological conversation.

God has both created and entered the earthly sphere to rule and to serve with glory and humiliation.

God is involved, God is present, God sustains human existence.

(with permission from Marty Folsom)


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