Chapter 3 – One Bite at a Time



The point of this chapter is to capture the CD in one long sentence:


“The Science of God explores the revealed God through an encounter with the actuality of God made known in Jesus Christ who is spotlighted in Scripture to hone our relation to His Father and the Spirit,  concretely  knowing the creative work of this Triune God whose restoring Word has and is still transforming all creation through personal connection and fulfillment.”


In this long sentence we see that:

We are engaged in science, knowing and speaking about the triune God who is ever in relation to God’s creation.

We see that there is no speculation or projection allowed, it is based on the actual in space and time.

We are entering into reality to transform our thinking, not the other way around.

Scripture points to the living Word who reveals God’s personal life and activity in this world, not merely in the heavens.

All creation is the context of the text of covenant relationship that is initiated and fulfilled by the one, freely loving God who cannot be conditioned.

All history, space and time, is a dynamic of relations that fulfills God’s intention to restore all things.

posted with permission from Dr Marty Folsom

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